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Centre Facilities/Laboratory

Major equipment

Fundus Cam.jpg
​Non Myd​riatic Fundus Camera TRC NW8
​Geodesic EEG System 300
Wafer Bonding System
​​​ ​​ ​​​​​
​ ​
Confocal Scan.jpg 
Engraving Cutting.jpg 
​ ​ 
Fiber Alignment.jpg 
​Confocal Scanning System TCS SP8 Leica Engraving Cutting system (Laser) M-360 Automatic Fiber Alignment System - Fiber Alignment System / Ficontec EVG501 

Location: S1-B4c-10)
Geodesic EEG System 300 EGI 
Non Mydriatic Fundus CameraTRC.NW8 
EEG Amplifier System 16 Channel (g.tec's Matlab; g.USBamp)
ECG Prototype System and Development Kit
Patient Monitor and accessories (Add on: EtCO2 monitoring.GE/B20)
Emotiv Research Edition SDK 
Camera Thermal Imaging System Thermo Vision A40 & FLIR System 

VALENS 1 (Location: S1-B4b-06)
Cell Culture BSL2 Room
o Biosafety Cabinet
o Centrifuge
o CO2 incubator
o UV Ultrapure water system
Biochemical Room
o Chemical Benches
o Engraving Cutting system (Laser) M-360;
o Fume Hood
o Fourier Transform infra-red spectrophotometer RPrestige21 & Shimadzu 
o Critical Point Dryer (Biosample Dryer)
Dark room
o Confocal Scanning System TCS SP8 leica 
o Automated Inverted MicroscopeOBSERVER Z1 & Zeiss 
o Upright microscope for Brightfield, Darkfield and Fluorescence NIKON/ECLIPSE NI-U 
o Inverted Microscope SystemTI-U 
Nano-photonics Room
o Automatic Fiber Alignment SystemFiber Alignment Syste/Ficontec
o Vacuum Chamber
o Customized Optical Microscopic System for Bio-Imaging and Motorized Stage System for Fiber Alignment
CR1 Clean Room
EVG501 Wafer Bonding System

Contact information:

To know more on the core facilities please contact our Research Centre's Cluster Manager, Mrs Hoay-Lim Suat Geok (Email: esghoay@ntu.edu.sg, Tel: 6790 4558).

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